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Altitude Building Automation is a Reliable Controls ™ Factory Authorized Dealer & Lynxspring Technology Partner, and one of the most respected controls specialists in United States, trusted by corporations such as IKEA and municipalities like Jefferson County, Altitude will insure you’re in good hands for all your controls needs!

At Altitude we understand that building controls are the brains behind any mechanical system.  In our experience controls can either make or break a mechanical system, and it can be costly when controls are not installed and sequenced properly. This is why Altitude has invested 100% in developing one of the best Controls Teams in the United States!

Altitude Building Automation is an independent controls service provider with an expansive range of services including: design, installation service, and forensics of controls & building automation systems. Our dynamic team of Controls Specialists takes great care in evaluating and implementing systems that will reduce energy use, increase efficiency, improve comfort all while maintaining the objectives of your facility. Need proof, Altitude Building Automation is the trusted partner for all of IKEA-CO and their controls needs, including many other trusted clients in the United States. At Altitude we have the depth in our professional team to provide solutions to any type of controls systems including transferring pneumatic controls over to direct digital controls (DDC controls) so that building owners can finally properly automate, monitor and report on their facilities.

At Altitude we believe in doing things right and building long term relationships with our clients. So what are you waiting for, call us today to inquire about our controls capabilities and you will be amazed at the door that will open for your facility.

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Remote Options

At Altitude, we understand the importance of down time. Enabling Remote access can reduce the response time to troubleshooting the issue and get the building running again.

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24/7 Emergency

Altitude is always available 24/7 to keep your building comfortable, Either Remotely or on-onsite.


We offer extensive on-site training for Building Owners and Operators so they can effectively manage their building as efficiently as possible. Factory Operator Training is also available.

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